Digital hand control

Driving with both hands.

Both hands are on the steering wheel.

Handheld terminals allow driving the car (throttle and brakes) with your hands. Prerequisite is an automatic vehicle. The most convenient solution for driving without using both legs is the digital hand control on the steering wheel. With this solution both hands can remain on the steering wheel.

The operation of the digital hand control can be carried out without releasing the steering wheel. The function of the airbag is not affected by the digital hand control.

There is no helping equipment for turn signals, lights, etc. required.

Comfortable driving in city traffic.

The digital hand control manages the throttle on your speed for optimum driving comfort. At low speed the acceleration is smooth as the digital hand control ignores an actually too abrupt given acceleration. The full engine power is always available.
At faster speed the acceleration is directly in order to facilitate overtaking.
Only less force (3 N) is needed to actuate the digital hand control.


The gas ring and the hand brake control are harmoniously integrated into the interior.