Rausch Technik LADEBOY S2 – Series

The wheelchair loading system for unloading and loading in again a wheelchair
parallel behind the driving seat.

The wheelchair loading system LADEBOY S2 has been developed especially for the loading of foldable wheelchairs. For easy loading a wheelchair with electrical motor like e-fix and e-motion we developed a strengthened version – the LADEBOY S2 Maximum.

In some vehicles it is possible to equip the loading system LADEBOY S2 with a modulus of torsion – if you wish – which offers you 4-5 seats. Depending on the vehicle type. A small part of the trunk is used.

If the wheelchair has to be loaded unfolded, the LADEBOY S2 can be equipped with a special bracket which enables the intaking of a rigid wheelchair.



Video LADEBOY S2 Handling

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Video LADEBOY S2 modulus of torsion


Video LADEBOY S2 wheelachair unfolded