How you can load your wheelchair in the car simply
by pushing a button without any effort. more… >>>

Wheelchair loading systems and vehicle adaptations for your car

Even with a heavy wheelchair with electrical motor like e-fix oder e-motion it just needs a push on the remote control to load the wheelchair. Because of the various types it is possible to equip almost all cars. Besides the loading systems we supply your vehicle equivalent to your physical handicap. Starting with the hand control of acceleration and brakes in all versions to electronic gas ring, the spectrum is large. A handicapped hired car is available, as replacement vehicle or just for testing the different systems.

We are an international approved producer of wheelchair loading systems. The label LADEBOY is an established concept of wheelchair loading in vehicles. Whether you want to load the wheelchair in the trunk or parallel from the driving seat into the car, we offer you an easy to use wheelchair loading system and the suitable control elements for your vehicle.