Loading a wheelchair, Scooter or an electric vehicle
into a vehicle by pushing a button.

Here you will find the convenient wheelchair loading system to carry
your wheelchair safely and easily in your vehicle.

For every handicap whether alone or with a family, whether a compact car or limousine we have the suitable lift.
No matter how you want to load the wheelchair, our loading systems are also suitable for wheelchairs with electrical motor like e-fix or e-motion.

If you want to drive alone and want to be independent from others LADEBOY S2 or LADEBOY S is the solution. If you are able to walk within some meters the LADEBOY or SCOOTERBOY offers a low-cost alternative.

When you are on the way with your partner your accompanying person can load the wheelchair by using the SCOOTERBOY or LADEBOY.

LADEBOY: The wheelchair loading system LADEBOY  is a clever solution for loading the wheelchair into the trunk of the car for people who are able to walk a few steps or for an accompanying person. The wheelchair can be loaded and unloaded without any effort in the rear of the vehicle just by pushing a button. Even people with limited mobility of the fingers are able to handle the loading system LADEBOY in the easiest way because of the ergonomic control unit. LADEBOY is especially suited for cars like station wagon und VANs. Because such vehicles offer enough space for the wheelchair.

But even in cars with notchback (Limousines) it is possible to install the LADEBOY to enable an easy loading of the wheelchair too. The variety of the types of trunks requires a flexible system to satisfy all kind of cars. Therefore, this loading system is made of a kind of unit assembly system which offers the required types quick and reliable. Essential part is the track which is available in various lengths as well as the lift itself. Thereby it is guaranteed that that loading system LADEBOY is installable in almost all cars.

Even in a cabriolet. The LADEBOY is available in two basic versions. The standard version lifts a folded wheelchair up to a weight of 20 kg. With the maximum version it is possible to lift a folded wheelchair with electrical motor like e-fix or e-motion up to 50 kg. The loading system can be removed easily and in short time as well. Thus the trunk can be used for other purposes at any time. The most important thing is: You let load. The wheelchair lift does it all for you.

LADEBOY S2: For people without any ability to walk and self-drivers the wheelchair loading system LADEBOY S2 offers a perfect and comfortable solution. The fully automated wheelchair fixation enthuses many customers already. Move the wheelchair, push button, done. The quick loading time and the reliability tell its own tale. It is possible to load the LADEBOY S2 in all four-door cars. The possibilities of installing are merely dependable on the size of the wheelchair.

. Therefore, it is important before buying a car that it is verified whether the car´s possible wheelchair measures fit to the actual measures of the wheelchair. Out team will be pleased to advice you about that. The fitting of the loading system LADEBOY S2 will be carried out behind the driving seat positioned at 2/3 of the backseat. Thus in most of the vehicles a comfortable 1/3 seat on the right side is left. The trunk remains completely free and can be used for other things up to 100 %.

LADEBOY S2 is made for families too because various cars offer the possibility to preserve two seats in the 2nd row. This is especially for families a great advantage. While loading the wheelchair is swung parallel by using a swinging around module and stands parallel to the side of the car. For that the entering system needs just a small part of the trunk. Our team will inform you which kind of cars are suited best under the following phone number +49 (0)7433-8081.

Der SCOOTERBOY: Another possibility for loading a wheelchair with electrical motor or an electric vehicle is the wheelchair loading system SCOOTERBOY. The SCOOTERBOY lifts a wheelchair up to a weight of 150 kg. VANs and MiniVANs as well as different kind of cars type station wagon are suited. SCOOTERBOY is placed mainly in the rear of the vehicles and can be mounted for some kind of car-types, e.g. VW T5, sideways at the pneumatic sliding door.

Depending on the size of the wheelchair and the available size of the car´s trunk the loading system SCOOTERBOY can be produced in different sizes. This makes an optimal usage of space in the vehicle possible. Even with limited mobility of the fingers you are able to handle this lift with in easy way via a wire remote control.

On demand the SCOOTERBOY can be equipped with a wireless remote control. When the SCOOTERBOY is extended the wheelchair has to be placed on the platform and just by pushing a button loaded into the vehicle. The protection of the wheelchair takes place via a click or a tension belt with lever brace. Thus the wheelchair is secured on the platform even on winding drives.