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Loading the wheelchair has been very exhausting up to now. Now I can easily load the wheelchair into my car with just a few handles and in an easy way.
- Mrs. Arnold
I cannot imagine to load my wheelchair easier.
- Mr. Bothmann
The loading of my wheelchair is much easier with the LADEBOY. And I can be much more on the way. A useful investment, which I use already for many years.
- Mr. Gilles
We already have the LADEBOY several years. Now we accepted the offer to have the LADEBOY checked at the plant in Balingen free of charge. It was worth it, despite of a the long journey.
- Mrs. and Mr. Mann
The LADEBOY relieves my wife and me the loading of my wheelchair significantly. Now I am able again to be on the way independently and my wife spares her back. We want to thank for the good service and the nice way you treat your customers.
- Mrs. and Mr. Hohe
For me it is the perfect solution. Simple, fast and effortless. Particularly the heavy electric wheelchair was way too heavy. Now it's a snap.
- Mrs. Niemeyer
Now I am able again to be on the way independently and without anybody’s help.
- Mrs. Duffner
It is a wonderful feeling for me that ia can be on the way alone. The operation of the LADEBOY is easy and without any exhausting. Thank you too for the good service and your hospitality.
- Mrs. and Mr. Krosse
The transportation of the wheelchair in the vehicle was a big challenge for me. But with the S2-system of Rausch Technik it got really easy. Without any effort and exhausting the wheelchair is unloaded and loaded ready to hand. A big relief for me.
- Mrs. Schöck
I really was a bit sceptical if will get the loading of my wheelchair. But now the S2 is installed and to my surprise it works in fact easily. I really felt comfortable with you. Thank you.
- Mr. Wefing
Since spring I have installed the LADEBOY S2 in a Skoda Yeti. It is wonderful. Now I can drive to work alone. And it gives me independency elsewhere.
- K. Mugwyler
Hello Mr. Rausch, finally you receive at least a little impression of the Elbe where I could go with the LADEBOY this summer. And again my thanks for your support for being able to do that- still I am absolutely happy and glad about the car and lift! Best wishes for Christmas time from barbara ipsen
Thank you that it worked that quick. And I am really glad that it doesn’t rattle. I was a bit afraid of that. But it is made really good.
- Mr. Dörfler
Because it is not possible to fold and take my wheelchair to pieces, i was searching for a solution that enables me to load my wheelchair unfolded and with all the attachments. The LADEBOY for loading in the trunk was in use for many years now. Therefore, I decided to take a solution from Rausch Technik again. This time parallel behind the driving seat. And it works perfect again though the wheelchair with its electrical motor is really heavy.
- Mrs. Irion
I am looking forward to the new car. And the backfitting has been made really good. Now my wife can load her rollator quickly behind the driving seat. With the S2 no problem. The adjustment of the pedals and the seat were important for my wife and me too.
- Mr. Schiebel
Suitable to the vehicle the quick loading of the wheelchair. With the S2 it is a clean and simple matter.
- Mr. Stephan
As an enthusiastic Dodge Calibre driver I can enjoy my vehicle now unlimited. The S2 of Rausch Technik contributes a major part to my new independency. The simple handling of the S2 is fascinating. Good job!
- Mr. Wimmer
The simple handling of the SCOOTERBOY fascinated me. Most of all that I am now able to load my heavy electric wheelchair.
- Mr. Enders
I want to thank you again that everything worked out with the SCOOTERBOY. And now I want to go home to test the wheelchair.
- Mr. Kieninger
Dear Rausch Technik-Team, the installation of the SCOOTERBOY in our new Mercedes Vito in Oktober 2011 increased our life quality enormously. No matter how many stops we have a day, with the very easy operation of the SCOOTERBOY my wife doesn´t have to stay in the car unlike to former times. No, she can go everywhere! The bulky loading with ramps belongs to the past because I was the only one who could load the electric wheelchair. Today it is possible for every companion. Press the remote control and fix the wheelchair with just one handle – easy. Worth mentioning is the human and professional support during the installation of our SCOOTERBOY in Balingen. Company, handicapped accessible hotel and the city were worth a visit. Mr. Eberhard would say: “Supi” (super). We say: “Supi and thank you very much”. A merry Christmas and all the best for you in the new year. Your very satisfied customer.
- Mrs. Kelsch
The SCOOTERBOY is a very big relief. Both our e-fix wheelchair as our heavy electric scooter can be loaded easily and without any effort.
- Mrs. Conconelli
I am happy about my new freedom. Now I am independent and don´t have to ask anybody if they can help me.
- Mrs. Helminger
It is a pleasure for me to load my electric vehicle with ease. And that there are nowadays still companies which care for their customers that exemplary, I find it reassuring. We felt good being with you. And Balingen is really worth a visit.
- Mr. Stokowy