LADEBOY S2 – wheelchair folded

The wheelchair loading system for loading in a folded wheelchair up to 3 seats.

Handling the LADEBOY S2 is the most easiest system worldwide.

The necessity of loading and unloading your wheelchair has become absolutely effortless.

By the optimized installation positioning the wheelchair is close to the drivers seat.
All new, ergonomically formed operating elements of the LADEBOY S2 cause that the loading of the wheelchair from the drivers seat is now more comfortable than ever.

A simple push of a button on the remote control is enough to open the sliding door and slide the wheelchair behind the driver’s seat.

The installation of the loading system is suitable for all cars with at least 4 doors.

The fully automated wheelchair fixation resigns on any kind of strenuous effort and offers you the highest ease of use.

Two-Step Handling – push in position, push button – done.
A comfortable loading for drivers.