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Quality arises from competence and experience. The variety of physical handicaps requests a flexibility of loading systems. This is only possible with a matured model kit system because every person, every handicap, every vehicle, every wheelchair is different. At least this stimulated us to design and offer over 800 of different variations. Thus we are able to satisfy the different wishes and suggestions of our customers comprehensively: individual solutions for individual needs.


„Made in Balingen“ is more than just a location of our office. Since more than 20 years we produce with much Know-How adaptable and long-living loading systems in Baden-Württemberg. As our customers we know all about the quality for which reason we willingly use high-quality components of our suppliers for our systems. Our customers appreciate it to find the optimal product for their needs. And they know that affordable, high-class quality is worth it. And because they want a system on which they can rely on.


„How can a heavy wheelchair be loaded automatically in a car … maybe … a fully automated wheelchair loading system for the trunk?“ Everything started with this question. From the first draft to the prototype it took 9 months. Births need that time.

Then came the first employee (he still is here with great enthusiasm) and the first trunks of vehicles have been back-fitted with the loading system LADEBOY. Meanwhile our “Rausch-family” is increased to ten employees who take care of human concerns and technical finesses. Please have a look at our employees (Our company/Contact person).

And some more “children” joined us. Thus the parallel system LADEBOY S was designed, then came the LADEBOY S2 for more ease of use. For wheelchairs which cannot be folded the parallel loading system SCOOTERBOY and DRIVE INBOY are ready. Our engineers and technicians are in permanent dialogue with the automobile industry: crash tests, procedures for quality assurances, long-term tests. And we communicate with our customers. Hereby most innovations and improvements occur. Because who knows the wishes better than our customers?

Just like that complete solutions are developed like the split battery in e-fix (the wheelchair can now be folded without removing the battery) or like the recent example, the FALTBOY, which helps to fold the wheelchair easily. Only by communicating with our customers requests take shape.

The big target then and now stays the same: your independency and self-determination.


It all started with the LADEBOY. A loading system that has been developed like never before: loading a wheelchair in and out without any effort, without getting dirty simply by pushing a button.

Meanwhile people of all ages use this loading system daily for having a wheelchair with them when the energy for walking and standing declines. Foldable wheelchairs can be loaded safely and easily in the back with and without electrical motor (e-fix / emotion). Of course the main focus is set on the flexibility too: due to the existing quick fasteners in the vehicle the LADEBOY can be removed and installed again at any time in just a few minutes – without any tools. Thus the trunk can be used individually.


LADEBOY S was the first wheelchair loading system for foldable wheelchairs penned by us which has been developed  especially for self- drivers behind the driving seat. Actually all vehicles with four doors are suitable. The left door behind the driving door will be back-fitted to a self-opening swinging door. All technical changes at the car will be taken by the vehicle inspection directly in our factory. As measured by the height of the wheelchair in most cases an additional seat remains on the rear bench seat and the trunk is preserved totally. Our LADEBOY S can load as standard-version wheelchairs up to a weight of 20 kg and as maximum-version it makes with ease foldable wheelchairs up to a weight of 38 kg. The handling is really simple: via pushing a button the sliding door will be opened. The wheelchair swings into reaching distance of the driver. Then the wheelchair has to be placed backwards and a lock plate has to be turned over. Fixed like that the wheelchair is lifted and slides into the interior of the vehicle where it is locked behind the driving seat.


We trust on reliable technology, innovative ease of use and speed with the LADEBOY S2. We adopted the established technique of its prior model – LADEBOY S: a simple pushing a button is enough that both the automatic swinging door and the foldable wheelchair with or without electrical motor are set in motion and is in a comfortable and reachable position. Of course it applies here too that in a normal case three comfortable seats are available in the vehicle and the trunk is left as before. However the procedure is fast at lightning due to a new drive unit. What makes it different furthermore to its prior model is besides its speed definitely the fully automated wheelchair fixing why the locking is omitted: place the wheelchair – push a button – ready.

In a Mercedes Benz Vaneo the LADEBOY S2 even passes a crash-test. Safety and independency – the alpha and omega!


What to do when the wheelchair is not foldable?

A consequent advancement of the established LADEBOY-technique is the SCOOTERBOY. Scooter, electric vehicle or wheelchair up to a weight of  150 kg are placed onto a platform and by pushing a button lifted into the interior of the vehicle. Suitable vehicles are of course MiniVANs  and VANs due to their available space. We install the lift either in the rear of the vehicle or parallel behind the driving seat or front passenger seat. The extremely compact design enables to use almost the entire interior of the car optimally. In every vehicle are fixing points and fasteners in series. We use them to guarantee an absolute safe installation. Here we count on our model kit system: we can commit ourself to your different vehicles and wheelchairs due to 20 different platform-measurements.


Person sitting in wheelchair + Vehicle = DRIVE INBOY.

With a lifting weight of up to 350 kg an absolute new passenger-lift for VAN has been developed and which works similar to the SCOOTERBOY. The best is that the lift can be handled as well by passengers as the wheelchair users themselves just by pushing a button. Due to the special folding-platform the driver has free sight through the rear window. On demand a pneumatic tailgate is available which enables the opening and closing by pushing a button as well.


Having fun while driving we produce reliable and maintenance-free loading systems which carry the wheelchair protected from A to B. Not only a crash-test of Mercedes Benz stands fort his safety. VW and Opel also agree that our systems are safe. And we? Due to the extended warranty period of 5 years when having it installed in our factory in Balingen, we show that we are gladly ready to give more safety for our systems and work. Due to the high manufacture quality our products endure various car changes. Security is a human need. To be able to rely on something is a real good feeling.


Headquarter of our factory is Balingen / Engstlatt. Here many of the installations take place. Nationwide exist agencies, in Germany more than 65 support dealers look after you. In addition there is a dealer network from Norway to Israel.

We rely on long-term, successful customer relations:
Therefore, we are looking forward to a cooperative teamwork with you.

Your Rausch Technik Team