The wheelchair lift for loading the wheelchair or Scooter in the trunk.

New quality of life.

Enjoy having possiblities. Enjoy being able to use your electric vehicle at all times and anywhere.
You will carry your electro vehicle by using the SCOOTERBOY in the easiest way werden Sie Ihr Elektromobil auf einfachste Weise transportieren. Nothing stands in your way.

The loading.

Place your Scooter, electric vehicle or wheelchair on the platform and with just pushing a button they are loaded with the lift into the vehicle. Without any physical effort. Even with just one hand the SCOOTERBOY is easy and save to handle.

Ease of use.

The SCOOTERBOY is proved at its best for loading a heavy electric wheelchair in the trunk of a vehicle. The ease of use of this kind of loading system is exemplary and suitable as well for people with disability in walking as for their accompanying persons.