Transmitter knobs

Digital buttons for turn signals


LENKOK is the infrared remote control with ergonomic buttons.

The functions of a rotary knob are combined with the remote control in this new button. Turn signals, horn, lights and windshield wipers can be used without releasing the steering wheel.

The functions of the original switches remain. Because of the clearly arranged keypad a mixing up of the functions is excluded. Even when driving in the dark the different-shaped buttons facilitate the operation.
Video on youtube.

Digital buttons for turn signals

The infrared remote control for all functions

All important functions such as turning lights, dipped beam, windscreen wipers, horn, etc. are controlled via a button without releasing the steering wheel. Ergonomic in design and suitable for airbag mounted on the steering wheel.

Both MFD versions can be plugged onto the Multima2 hand control unit for full flexibility.

The MFD keypads are optional available as well as an integrated operating unit for the Multima3 hand control.
Video on youtube.

Commander for Classic and Compact

The Commander for Classic and Compact.

Enables operation of turn signals and other functions like horn, lights and windshield wipers directly on the handheld terminal without releasing the steering wheel.

Arrowhead left and right: short tip for the lights with automatic reset, as well as for warning lights by holding it quite some time.

Arrowhead upwards: short tip: turning on the wiper delay control switch.

Repeated short tipping: upshift into the upper function.

Tipping a while longer: switching down and off the wipers.

Holding: activates the windscreen wiper system.

Arrowhead downwards: activates and turns off the dimmed headlights by holding and switching the dimmed headlights to long distance light and back again via tipping the button.