Transportation of passengers

Transporting passengers with wheelchair inside the vehicle.

There are different solutions to transport a person sitting in the wheelchair with a car.

Following you will find examples of car modifications the can be rebuild without problems. That mens that you have not build a special vehicle.

The Drive INBOY

The wheelchair loading system DRIVE INBOY is very suitable for vehicles / MiniVANs that have a high trunks. The safety zone between the top of the passengers head in the wheelchair and the car´s top should be 10 cm minimum. A specific belt-system secures the person and the wheelchair in the vehicle.

The lifting system DRIVE INBOY can be installed in some cars sideways which have accordingly large sliding doors.
Video on youtube.

The Fiorella – Lift

The space-saving passenger lift

This lift is suitable especially for vehicles type MiniVAN and VANs. Its space-saving design offers an optimal usage of space in your vehicle.

After loading the platform is folded  manually or automatically, depending on the model and vertically parked in the vehicle.

In some vehicles it is possible to install the lift with a sliding door in series sideways.


Video on youtube.

The Ramp

The wheelchair-ramp is distinguished especially by its easy handling. It is easy to use by just one person.

By using a gas pressur buffer the effort is low while opening and closing the hatch.

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