SCOOTERBOY – Examples of installstion

The wheelchair loading system SCOOTERBOY can be installed in the back.
A parallel or diagonal loading is possible depending on the electric vehicle or the wheelchair because of the different sizes of the platforms of the SCOOTERBOY.

Installation in station wagon.

Even in a cars type station wagon a SCOOTERBOY can be installed. Good suitable for wheelchairs with low height.

Installation in MiniVAN.

The installation of the SCOOTERBOY in vehicles type MiniVAN is ideal for transporting wheelchairs or electric vehicles which have a little more height available as there is in a station wagaon.

Installation in VAN.

The SCOOTERBOY offers a large variety of different sizes of platforms to load even a bigger wheelchair or a SCOOTER comforably and without any effort. Thus vehicles type VAN can be used optimally to transport the wheelchair safely in your car.