Advantages of SCOOTERBOY

Easiest handling satisfies the daily operation.

The principle of the wheelchair loading system SCOOTERBOY is based extensively on the already a thousand-times proven LADEBOY – technique

The SCOOTERBOY can either be installed in the vehicle´s rear or parallel behind the driving seat or the co-driver´s seat. Because of the different platforms of the SCOOTERBOY the electric vehicle can be loaded alongside of or crosswise to the lift.

The extremely space-saving design of the SCOOTERBOY enables you to use almost the entire in-cabin room optimally.

The SCOOTERBOY is fixed predominantly at the car’s original fasteners, the seat-fasteners or the eyelet fasteners.

This guarantees a high level of safety and above all you keep the value of you car when you are going to sell it.

A trouble–free backfitting can be done without any problems. With  the SCOOTERBOY you transport your wheelchair savely and comfortabl in your trunk of your car.