LADEBOY S2 – Equipment

Useful accessories for even more comfort.

Automatic anti-tippers and folding-aid.

By pushing a button on the remote control the anti-tipper can be folded and swung out automatically.

Advantage: The anti-tipper doesn´t have to be removed when loading using a loading system.

The folding-aid lifts a wheel of the wheelchair. Thus the effort is reduced approximately 80 % while folding.
An essential advantage, most of all on heavy wheelchairs with electrical motor.

Split battery in connection with LADEBOY S2.

From now on you can fold your e-fix wheelchair without removing the battery.
The standard battery is replaced by two smaller batteries.
The traction power remains u to 2/3 compared with the original battery. The dimension of folding stays the same, this means the wheelchair can be folded as tight as up to now.
The existing recharcher can still be used. After backfitting the two batteries are connected firmly with the frame of the wheelchair.

This backfitting can only be done in our plant in Balingen.