Advantages of LADEBOY S2

Optimized Handling for daily use.

Just push your wheelchair to the LADEBOY S2 and push the button!

Without turning a lever by hand!
Without having to secure the wheelchair by hand!

The fully automated wheelchair fixation eliminates any strain on your part and offers you the highest possible comfort.

For e-fix and e-motion.

Strong performance.
The LADEBOY S2 is available as standard version up to 20 kg lifting power and as Maximum version up to 38 kg lifting power. This means that with the S2 Maximum a light wheelchair can be loaded as well as a wheelchair with electric drive (e-fix and e-motion).

The special edition with up to 50 kg lifting power the LADEBOY S2 lifts an e-fix wheelchair in conjunction with separated batteries (Version S2) into the car too.

Added neck-rests.

The neck-rests (neck-rests of Ulrich Alber for e-fix and emotion) can partly left at the wheelchair (dependent on the type of wheelchair). The foot rests can remain at the wheelchair dependent on the length of the wheelchair and the conditions of the car (dependent on the type of wheelchair).

FuRemote control.

A simple push of a button is enough to open the sliding door and let the wheelchair slide behind the driver’s seat. The same function had the additionally integrated switch at the side beneath the steering wheel.


The speed of the loading system and the sliding door is noticeably quicker.

The loading times are significantly reduced. The wheelchair is much closer to the driver’s seat and therefore within easy reach.


Up to three comfortable seats are available in your vehicle (dependent on the type of car). A partition wall is built in between the LADEBOY S2 and the remaining 3rd seat and serves as protection for your passengers. Vehicles which don´t have splitted back seats in series the new seat will be produced by our car-upholster.


The trunk with its loading volume remains absolutely unchanged and therefore is receptive to hold all the things which are really important for you.

A valuable support

is offered by the new positioning aids made of synthetic material. This new technique acts as a guide that makes it possible to position your wheelchair easily and precisely to the S2. By choosing this material the sensitive grip rings are protected  in an optimal way and the wheelchair is preserved while loading.

The swinging door.

The left door behind the driver’s door is backfitted to a swinging door – a kind of sliding door. For that a reliable and compact swinging mechanism is mounted on the original door, which is responsible for opening and closing the door automatically. This door-backfitting barely impairs the existing number of seats and can also be used without the LADEBOY S2.

The sliding door in series.

Vehicles type Van with sliding door in series, the door becomes equipped with an electro-pneumatic motorisation. After this modification the door can be opened and closed by a simple push of the button of the remote control.

Some more advantages of  LADEBOY S2:

No attachment parts at the wheelchair.
Automatic fuse.
Handling in case of emergency.
Quick removal.
Possibility of back-mounting.


Now also available as special-edition in

Special-Edition Orange Snow

Silver (in series)

Special-Edition Orange Dark