Handicapped accessible car modifications
for cars of type Audi.

Audi A1

Audi A3

Sportback ab 2007

Audi A3

Audi RS4

Audi A4

Avant ab 2008

Audi A4

Limousine ab 2007

Audi A6

Avant Quattro 2016
Video on yotube

Audi A6

Avant 2001

Audi A6

Avant 2012
Video on youtube

Audi A6

Avant ab 2005

Audi A6

Limousine 1998-2004

Audi A7

Sportback 2012
Video on youtube

Audi A8

Limousine 1994-2002

Audi A8

Limousine ab 2002-2007

Audi Q5

seit 2008
Video on youtube

Audi Q7

seit 2006

Further cars

Audi A2 (1999-2005)

Audi A4 (Limousine ab 2000-2007)

Audi A6 (ab 2004)

Audi A4 (ab 2010)

Audi A4 (Avant 2001-2007)

Audi A8 (Limousine ab 2007)

Is your car not included?

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