Advantages of the LADEBOY

Little effort for better quality of life

Strong performance.

The LADEBOY is available  with a lifting power of up to max. 50 kg.

This means that not only lightweight wheelchairs but also wheelchairs with electric drives – e-fix and e-motion – can be folded up and loaded.  The LADEBOY is absolutely maintenance-free.

Suitable for almost all cars like station wagon, hatchback and notchback cars or VAN!


Due to its quick-release fasteners the LADEBOY can be removed and reinstalled again at any time and in just a few minutes. This means the car boot can be used unobstructedly and whenever you need it.

Enough space.

Depending on the dimensions of the wheelchair the backseat will be turned down (about 2/3 of the seat).

Quality pays off.

A good resource is indicated by the function, the design and the quality of the components.

But only a continuous development results in a completely mature product.
Proved and reliable since 20 years.

Lasting value.

Mostly reusable with a car or wheelchair change. No loss of value on the car.

The LADEBOY lets you enjoy the ease of loading, keeps your clothes clean and is gentle to your own body.


While driving the wheelchair is secured against shifting by the LADEBOY, especially on curvy roads.

Maintenance- free.

The LADEBOY is reliable. Safety and long-term value are particularly important to wheelchair users. Quality pays off.