LADEBOY – Equipment

Useful accessories for even more comfort.

Open and close the tailgate automatically.

By the installation of a pneumatic cylinder, a compressor and corresponding electronics, the tailgate can be opened and closed at the push of a button.
Furthermore you can also open the tailgate manually. A reasonable addition to the wheelchair lifting device LADEBOY and SCOOTERBOY.

Special support e-motion.

Special clamp when using a wheelchair with emotion drive.
Protects the servo control when loading the wheelchair into the trunk of the car. Attachments to the loading system LADEBOY.

Special mount rollator.

The special mount for receiving a rollator is attached via a plug connection on the wheelchair lift system LADEBOY and can be removed if necessary. Depending on the walker-type we manufacture a suitable connection. Therefore a rollator can be loaded with the LADEBOY comfortably and securely into the trunk of your car.

Split battery

The “split battery” allows the use of a LADEBOY or LADEBOY S2 together with the e-fix much more effectively. From now on you can fold your e-fix wheelchair without removing the battery and load the wheelchair including the battery in the trunk of the car or behind the driver’s seat.

The standard battery is replaced by two smaller batteries which  get new boxes and will be mounted at the frame of the wheelchair, each in front and back. The existing charger can still be used. After that the two batteries are mounted fix with the frame of the wheelchair.. Video on youtube.

Comfort controls

The wheelchair lift is equipped with comfort controls. It facilitates the fixing of the wheelchair on LADEBOY. All new LADEBOYs are equipped with it. It can also be retrofitted to older devices. Recommended for a heavy wheelchair or a wheelchair with electric drive as e-fix or emotion.